‘Super(stitious) politicians’

Politicians are known to have some beliefs and superstitions. They would have unwavering faith in Vastu, muhurthams and what not. But the current election scenario brought to light some new beliefs of the politicians. When Vishnuvardhan Reddy filed his papers for the Khairatabad constituency, he repeatedly took out the picture of his father P. Janardhana Reddy, kissed it and then only he would sign the papers in front of the Returning Officer. He filed four sets of nominations and four times, he fished out PJR’s picture and kissed it.

While all contestants stuck to the muhurat fixed by a purohit, a funny tradition of the contestant receiving a slap on the face from a close relative surfaced in Nizamabad district. It seems it’s auspicious for Mandava Venkateshwara Rao, TDP’s candidate from Dichpally constituency, to get a slap from his brother-in-law before he set his foot out of his house to file nominations. With the video cameras whirring and flash guns popping, the brother-in-law administered the slap.

Whether it’s auspicious for Mr. Rao or not is his personal belief, but voters for sure are gleefully chafing their hands to administer the slap. But only after the counting of votes, do we know who gets the ‘slap’ or a solid ‘Kaan Bhairi’, as we Hyderabadis call it lovingly. We shall wait and see!


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