‘State police prepared to meet Mumbai-like situation’

HYDERABAD: OCTOPUS, the special police force created by the State is fully functional and “we will like it to be functional behind the scene,” Dwaraka Tirumala Rao, Inspector-General of Police heading the body, asserted here on Saturday.

Participating in a symposium on ‘Changing faces of terror, response of the nation’, organised by the World Youth Council Against Terrorism here, he stated that OCTOPUS was created with a ‘particular force for it. It can’t become strong at the cost of local police, he said adding that manpower was indeed a serious constraint. It also had constraints in procuring material.

Mr. Rao expressed confidence of the State police being fully prepared to meet ‘Mumbai-like situation’. He said a suspect in a terror incident during interrogation in March this year had spoken of a big terror strike in Mumbai and a recce, but the intelligence agency failed to assess its seriousness and pass on the information to officials concerned.

On the marine police stations across the State coast, he said there were nine such police stations. Their staff required to be provided with equipment along with navigational transport boats and setting up of police outposts. Also, there was a case for strengthening the regular police stations.

To another question, Mr. Rao observed that the morale of the State police was high and that their arms were modern .