‘Phyto-remediation a living machine'

Phyto-remediation, a new technology that was coming up for testing in India is a proven technology, says Eli Cohen, an Israeli scientist working on the eco-friendly pollution prevention system. The system can be tailor-made depending on the requirement-specific as it uses the locally available gravel, plants and hydraulics.

In an interaction with The Hindu, Mr. Cohen, who was at Sangareddy on Wednesday to interact with officials, said that he was working with the technology since past two decades. His experience in exporting aquatic plants to foreign countries gave him the idea of developing phyto-remediation systems. He said that technology was dependent on natural systems and it is a ‘living machine.'

“This is having a sustainable element and hence lives by itself for many years. We are using new pollutants to pollute air, land and water. Look at Hussainsagar in Hyderabad. It's a dying lake. We are polluting it from domestic, industrial and agriculture waste. We need to help it,” he said.

Cheaper option

Mr. Cohen said that the establishment cost of phyto- remediation would be 20 per cent less than the current conventional systems requires in addition to using low energy to maintain. “The system needs 10 per cent or less cost comparing with the conventional maintenance system,” he explained.

The Israeli scientist said that they were implementing the technology in US, Mexico, China and Vietnam. He said that the people like the idea across the globe while the problem was with engineers. “They express doubt whether the technology works or not. With this even the clients are hesitating. There is a problem with regulators even who are not ready to change their mind,'' he said, adding that they were transferring only know-how and not exporting any technology.

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