‘Parugu’ keeps you glued to the seats

Allu Arjun and Sheela in ‘Parugu’

Allu Arjun and Sheela in ‘Parugu’  


Cast: Arjun, Sheela

Direction: Bhaskar

After Bommarillu, director Bhaskar comes up with yet another emotionally candid film that revolves around a father-daughter relationship. Prakash Raj’s daughter Poonam Bajwa elopes on her wedding day with her boy friend and the distraught father begins hunting for her. Arjun who helped the couple run away is compelled to join the search and in the process falls for Sheela, Prakash Raj’s youngest daughter.

Will Sheela follow her sister’s footsteps or will she uphold her father’s honour by marrying a man of his choice?


The movie is interesting and a must watch for more than one reason. The usually loud and energy effusing Arjun downplays his role and gives a heartfelt performance.

Parugu is an uplifting drama that might seem implausible were it not for the fact that it really happened in the actor’s family. Many small details have been embellished and many dialogues sound right and situational giving it a sentimental impact.

Bhaskar runs a compassionate thread throughout the film even while he spends the first half of the film introducing the characters and seamlessly breaks the flow of characters with humour and minimum violence. However there is one scene where Arjun and his mother’s (Jayasudha) relationship looks superficial, she tying him down to a tree for the fear of losing him.

There will be a lot of comparisons to Bhaskar’s first film Bomarillu. There are a few emotionally intense, and fewer tear-jerking moments in the film but they serve to move the character forward, but to enjoy this film, watch it without any expectation and you will be surprised with the engaging and a racy tone of the first half and the interesting development of Prakash Raj’s character post interval.

Sheela is aptly cast, plays a trembling girl consistently and does her job well. The music is not very elevating but visually it is.

Probably the biggest weakness in the film and it’s a minor one - is the predictable story line. We know where Arjun is headed and we know what Prakash Raj is going to do next in the climax but because of the overall richness of the film -- the strong characters, the performances, the screenplay and simple dialogues - we keep tuned in.

- Y. Sunita Chowdhary

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