‘PR can usher in change’

Staff Reporter

Narayanakhed (Medak District): Praja Rayam president Chiranjeevi here on Tuesday said that change is imminent and would be brought by his party alone .

Addressing the second day meeting of Praja Ankita Sabha at Narayanakhed, Jogipet, Medak and Narasapur, where the public attendance was more impressive and responsive, Chiranjeevi expressed confidence that he would come back to these areas as a winner.

He also offered special prayers at Medak Church.

The crowds were heavy at Naryanakhed, Jogipet and Medak. At Peddashankarampet scores of people ran along his vehicle to have a glimpse of the actor-politician who stood on the top of the vehicle and greeted them.

Lack of development

Pointing out to the backwardness of Narayanakhed, Mr. Chiranjeevi blamed the political leaders for the lack of development. “You are not backward. Intentionally, you are placed there by the politicians. Why do you not grill them about your right to development?” he questioned provocatively.

He wondered why all educational institutes were being diverted to Kadapa whereas Medak district remained neglected.

The PR president also recalled the name of Kolachala Mallinadha Suri, a famous poet of the areas and said political leaders were neglecting him.

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