‘Nanotechnology can cure cancer’

HYDERABAD: A genetic research specialist from the twin cities Rao Papineni, working with Carestream Health Inc, USA, along with other top researchers has devised a method to treat cancer cells by using nanotechnology. The researcher who is here to take part in the upcoming BioAsia-09 said that the ‘invention’ is in U.S. patent process.

It’s a known fact that nanotechnology can be used to develop ways to kill cancer cells in the body without damaging the healthy cells. “We have developed image-guided targeted cancer-cell killers. The unique aspect is that we can deliver large loads of drugs to the cancerous region without actually affecting the healthy cells,” Dr. Papineni said.

The researcher is in the process of meeting local scientific and research community in India and discuss about the invention. “We are hoping that people back home here will notice such developments during the BioAsia 2009. I have already presented a paper on the same subject in Nanobio-2009 held recently in Kochi,” he said.

Along with a research team consisting of Dr. Alan Pollock and Dr. Mansoor Ahmed at University of Miami, Florida, plans are afoot to use the cancer killer nanoparticles in curing prostrate cancer. “It’s not just prostrate cancer; other cancers can also be cured.”

Dr. Rao is also working on a process to make nanoparticles carry large doses of Curcumin (Haldi), which has anti-cancer properties, with another Indian researcher Bharat Agarwal.

“Apart from its known use in plastics, energy, and aerospace industry, nanotechnology is beginning to grow rapidly in medical imaging and therapeutics,” he said.

Dr. Rao Papineni is the Chief Scientist and senior Principal Investigator at Carestream Health Inc, USA. (He can be reached at rao.papineni1@

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