‘Little Tiger’ all set to roar on US greens

Making a mark:

Making a mark:  

V.V. Subrahmanyam

City lad Haridhar Reddy qualifies for US Kids World Championship in golf

HYDERABAD: At the age of ten, city’s golfing sensation K. Haridhar Reddy continues to dazzle on the greens. And, his latest achievement is quite stunning - qualifying for the US Kids World Championship in Pinehurst (North Carolina, USA) from August 2 to 4. The first time ever that an Indian finished on top in the qualifiers for this World Championship.

For someone who started competing in the circuit since last year, Haridhar has been in the news with his profound skills with the club. Using with a felicity which is a rarity for a boy of his age, this Hyderabad Public School student delighted his parents too by leaving for United States all alone on the flight to reach the Fairfax Golf Club where the initial rounds were held on Tuesday.

With just two days of acquaintance, Haridhar never looked green on the lush golfing course. The only moral support came from his uncle Dr. Srikanth Reddy, who was his caddy.

First in qualifiers

Unperturbed by the intensity of the competition or by the awesome experience of being in the race for the World Championship, this youngster made things look simple. He came first in the qualifiers, completing the nine-hole, 34-par course in 36 putts.

Coached by Hyderabad’s only qualified instructor G. S. Krishnan at Hyderabad Golf Association’s course in Golconda, Haridhar has been showing abundance of promise winning quite a few events. And his skills only improved further under the tutelage of B. Randhawa (brother of Jyothi Randhawa) in Bangalore as is evident by his No.1 ranking in South Zone after winning the South Zone golf championship in Ooty.

Study offer

Well, Haridhar’s achievement has made the golfing brains thinking overnight already. He already got an offer to study in a prestigious school free of cost (which otherwise charges a whopping $1 lakh per annum). “Dad I want to stay back. I am enjoying the ambience here,” was his first reaction to his father K.Ramakanth Reddy, a High Court advocate back in City. “We leave it to his uncle (Srikanth) who took him to golf course,” says the proud father.

Haridhar says that this victory is a gift to his ailing grandmother Snehalata Reddy who underwent a major lung operation a few days ago. By all means, this wonderkid can look only one way - ahead.

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