‘Include police, poll reforms in manifesto’

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Civil society groups have launched a campaign to convince political parties to include in their manifesto for the coming elections, police and electoral reforms.

In a statement, M. Mandal, managing trustee of Hum Sab Hindustani Trust, that is coordinating the campaign, said the police reforms, were important to give it community not ruler- of- the-day orientation. Groups and individuals can sign petitions being sent to all political parties ( >

The petition recalls how there is popular perception all over the country that instead of acting as agent of the community and of law, the police functioned as an agent of the ruling political party. There was need for initiating urgent remedial measures to ensure that the police is made to perform its lawfully enjoined duties. Similarly electoral reforms were necessary to keep out the criminal and notoriously corrupt persons from entering the political system, for ensuring a healthier and cleaner democracy.

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