‘Emulate Bhagat Singh’s ideology’

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‘Socialism possible by rooting out of capitalism’

ANANTAPUR: State secretary of Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) K. Sridhar has opined that establishing socialism in the country is possible only with rooting out of capitalism, which is the root cause of basic problems. Only an uncompromising revolutionary path can ensure socialism, he felt.

Speaking after unveiling the statue (bust) of revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh here on Saturday as part of his centenary celebrations, Mr. Sridhar alleged that most of the political parties in the country like the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Telugu Desam were helping the uplift of only the ruling class while neglecting the needy.

Poverty, unemployment, corruption, price rise and insecurity had grown out of proportion as a result of the backing of affluent section by the rulers, he noted. On the other hand, the ruling parties had been deflating the fighting spirit among the youth and encouraging them to toe selfishness, obscenity, violence, caste, creed and regional differences among them, methodically, Mr. Sridhar alleged.

Role models

Instead of showing revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh as inspiration to young minds, the ruling parties were trying to project Gandhian ideologues, cine stars, models and pop singers as role models through media to continue their exploitation of the masses. The present situation in the country demanded emulation of ideology of Bhagat Singh, he stated.

The frontal organisations of SUCI like AIDSO, AIDYO and AIMSS were trying to inspire the students, youth and women to toe the ideology and revolutionary path of Bhagat Singh, he said. Trade union leader Syed Amir, Suryasagar of Janasahiti and others participated in the statue unveiling programme. Earlier, members of the AIDSO took out a procession holding a portrait of Bhagat Singh.

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