‘Check erring motorcyclists’

Catch me if U can: A motorcyclist using the footpath to avoid a traffic jam.

Catch me if U can: A motorcyclist using the footpath to avoid a traffic jam.  


Have you identified traffic bottlenecks in the city and taken any steps to address the issue? Do you keep track of the journey time between any two points during peak and lean hours? Can’t we plan for adequate number of buses from Cyber Towers to all parts of the city?

Vinay Kumar,

Secunderabad Dear Kumar,

We are keeping track of the number of vehicles registered every year. A lot of exercise is going on for speeding up the public transport system. People have reported time saved on the roads where one ways have been introduced and right turns have been prohibited.

We are also trying to create better traffic awareness among the road users. A lot of study has been done on the traffic pattern and bottlenecks and I know of at least two such comprehensive studies where I have gone through the reports. As regards additional buses from Cyber Towers, it needs to be discussed with the RTC.


You may give accreditation to a few citizens to identify motorcyclists driving rashly and pass on the details to you as it is not possible for the limited traffic police to nab all erring drivers.

Some motorcyclists are using pavements to drive. It is time the driving licenses of such errant drivers are withdrawn and motorcycles seized. Can we have quarterly citizenship committees’ meetings in different localities to discuss about traffic problems?

Dr. B.Yerram Raju,

Methodist Colony. Dear Dr. Raju,

We are acting on photos appearing in the newspapers showing traffic violations. Anyone can send such photos to us. The violator will be booked. Try to print the date, time and place of offence as well so that verification takes less time.

We are going to send to the RTA the entire data of incorrect addresses of vehicle owners and the names and DL Nos. of violators, which we have started compiling at the Traffic Police Stations on the basis of spot challans, so that the procedure for issue / renewal of Driving Licence may be made stricter. We held our first citizens’ meet in each of the 6 Traffic Divisions on March 16. We will hold the next meeting once all the points raised in March are duly checked and acted upon, wherever possible.


I regularly travel by Rethibowli junction and Fever Hospital-Tilaknagar stretch. The policemen regulating traffic at both the places don’t seem to be familiar with traffic rules.

When the green signal is on, some vehicle drivers go around the rotary as per the norm while several others crisscross before the rotary. Similar scenes are witnessed at Fever Hospital. The traffic policemen don’t object to this criss-crossing that is creating confusion and causing accidents.


Padmanabhanagar. Dear Sir,

We are trying to raise the awareness levels of both our men and other road users through regular campaigns. The very first Violation Free Day focussed on enforcement of stop lines. The next one talked of pedestrian safety. We will keep in view your suggestion.


Why roads are being used for parking at some places? ICICI Bank, S R Nagar branch, Aditya Trade Centre-Ameerpet, Abids Main road and Big Bazaar-Abids are some examples. The APSRTC drivers must be educated not to stop buses in the middle of the road. Pollution test should also be conducted for these buses.

Phani Shanker,

Motinagar. Dear Mr. Phani

Parking problem is caused because most of the shops, banks, restaurants do not have parking place. The points you have mentioned are extremely busy commercial centres and also transit points for commuters were hundreds of buses, autos, etc., stop. It calls for strict enforcement which is quite a challenge in view of the huge volumes. But, we are trying to improve things.


Himayathnagar main road has been widened at considerable cost but the widened area is used by one and all for parking particularly before big hotels and shops. The police are mute spectators and often collect ‘mamools’. Please impose no parking rule on this stretch and also close intersection before Trinethra supermarket permanently.


Himayathnagar. Dear Mr. Swaminathan,

I agree with you that enforcement of orderly parking has not been satisfactory on the Himayathnagar road . The new Traffic Inspector is being advised to improve the situation. Things should look up.

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