‘Breastfeeding protects health of new-born'

Infants should be fed with mother's milk within an hour of birth as it would safeguard the health of the child as well as mother, Additional Joint Collector G. Joshi Babu said on Thursday.

Calling upon Medical and Health officials to propagate the importance of breastfeeding, he expressed concern at a meeting on ensuing Breastfeeding week in Kadapa Collectorate that surveys in the past indicated that nearly 76 per cent of women were not breastfeeding their children.

Concerted promotional campaigns helped achieve better results and nearly 42 per cent of women were breastfeeding their children at present.

The Additional Joint Collector told Medical and Health staff to give up the practice of performing most deliveries by caesarean.

Medical and Health staff should discharge their duties diligently in the rural areas to increase pre-delivery visit of pregnant women to the hospitals.

Women should be motivated to breastfeed their infants from the first hour of birth up to six months as it would increase immunity in children.

Anganwadi centres should supply nutritious food to pregnant women, lactating women and infants, Mr. Joshi Babu said.

EMRI 108 ambulances should be used to take pregnant women to hospitals for delivery.

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