Lok Satta to take count of eligible voters

New names will be included during electoral rolls revision

Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: The Lok Satta Guntur unit plans to get the names of all eligible voters in the city and district listed so that they can be added to the list of voters during the summary revision of electoral rolls by January-end.

The Lok Satta district secretary, Konda Sivarami Reddy, said that applications in Form 6 from all eligible voters would be collected and given to the MROs. The Lok Satta would follow up the procedure. Also the names of those who were deleted from the list during the recent municipal elections after including them in the Assembly elections last year would be submitted to the district Collector to be included in the list.

The Lok Satta also proposes to approach the State High Court on the deletion of names of genuine voters in Guntur city, he said. The Lok Satta also released a list of 31 divisions in Guntur from where the candidates had won with a majority of 600 or less number of votes, and where the number of deleted votes were either 600 or more.

The divisions are: 2,3,5, 6,7,8,14, 15,16,17,18,19, 20,25,26, 31,32,33, 36,37, 40,41,43,44,47,48,49, 50,51 and 52. The Lok Satta secretary was of the opinion that the results could have been different had 20 per cent of the voters, who had votes during Assembly elections, but were denied the right this time voted in the municipal elections.

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