Leprosy patients' plight moves Mareppa

KURNOOL, AUG. 14. The Minister for Lift Irrigation, M. Mareppa, was moved by the plight of leprosy patients at the Weaker Sections Colony here on Saturday.

Inspecting the works taken up in the colony under the DFID-sponsored slum improvement programme, Mr. Mareppa said even people good physical and mental abilities were struggling to eke out a living.

One could imagine the struggle the leprosy patients who work against odds like physical deformities and social stigma have to go through

Mr. Mareppa promised to waive the loans against their houses amounting to Rs. 13,000 each and promised ration cards for 53 families of leprosy patients, old-age and widow pension. He also assured reisdents of house sies and ration cards.

No `hand' in transfers

Later, Mr. Mareppa denied he interfered with the transfers of certain police officers in the district.

Saying that he had good rapport with leaders of all parties and groups, the Minister said he had no differences with anybody.

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