Learning maths is a child's play

Staff Reporter

TIRUPATI: Many feel a chill running down their spine when asked about complex mathematical calculations, formulae in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, et al.

A mathematical equation is nothing but arrangement of digits 0 to 9 and arithmetic symbols in a meaningful way, so said a mathematician. If learning the basics could be fun, then solving complex equations is a child's play.

This was the essence of the demonstration on `Recreational Mathematics' conducted at the Regional Science Centre here on Thursday as part of the Mathematics Day celebrations.

The day, observed in commemoration of the birth anniversary of mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujam, was dedicated to drive away the "maths phobia" from the young minds and make problem solving a pleasure. Centre coordinator K. Madangopal paid tributes to Sir Ramanujam.

Resource person D. Srinivasa Rao, who is the HoD of Mathematics at Government Degree College, Nagari explained the funnier part of the dreaded subject.

Features of nine

He explained the features of 9, considered the "magic number," Palindrome numbers and magic squares. The presentation on facial expressions using mathematical shapes and symbols like circle, arc, =, {lt}, {gt} etc. went well to show that maths meant much more than a bore. Multiplying numbers using fingers and use of number theory to excel in playing cards were the other aspects in which the participants evinced interest. Some 400 students from 15 schools took part in the demonstration. `Mathematics week' celebrations were also observed by Ravindra Bharati High School.

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