“Home Minister’s statement on Ayesha high drama”

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Minister acting with eye on polls, says Ayesha’s mother

She reiterates demand for narco test

TENALI: Shamsad Begum, mother of Ayesha Begum, who was killed in her hostel room at Ibrahimpatnam in December 2007, has described the statement of Home Minister K. Jana Reddy that the police had secured vital clues in the case as high drama and a ploy to extract mileage in the coming by-elections in Telangana.

Speaking to reporters at her residence here on Thursday, she alleged that the Home Minister had made the statement with an eye on the byelections in Telangana fearing the backlash of minority community. ``How can the Home Minister make a statement on May 6 claiming to have secured vital clues, when he had expressed his helplessness in Vijayawada on April 4?” she questioned.

Referring to the actions of the Vijayawada police securing a PT warrant to take Laddu alias Guruvinder Singh into custody, she dismissed the contention of the police that Laddu was involved in the crime. Polygraph tests conducted on him so far had yielded negative result and thus had ruled out his involvement in the case, she said.

She reiterated her demand that narco-analysis tests should be conducted on hostel warden, her husband, watchmen and three inmates of the hostel, who she alleged possess vital information regarding the case.

Upender freed

VIJAYAWADA: Upender Singh, 30, of Jagtial, who was taken into custody by the city police on Tuesday, was handed over to his mother Lakshmi Bai here on Thursday.

A close associate of Gurvinder Singh alias Laddu till four years ago, Upender is now settled in Jagtial of Karimnagar district and is eking out a livelihood by doing a petty business. As part of an investigation into the murder of pharmacy student Ayesha Meera, the city police picked up Upender from Jagtial on Tuesday and brought him to the city for questioning. On the same evening, Ms. Lakshmi Bai moved the State Human Rights’ Commission stating that her son was found missing.

Though the police completed their questioning on Wednesday itself, they handed over Upender to the Tahsildar of Ibrahimpatnam on Thursday. After signing a few documents, Lakshmi Bai took Upender to Jagtial.

Upender told reporters that the police had treated him well. “Even before the commencement of the questioning, Police Commissioner told me that the procedure would be smooth. I’ve answered all their questions, and the police even verified the call lists of my mobile phone,” he said.

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