KG Hospital to form doctors' panels

Special Correspondent

Decision in line with ISO standards

KGH superintendent attends meet in Bangkok for hospital administratorsMeet discusses several standardization proceduresFeedback from patients suggested

VISAKHAPATNAM: A conference held in Bangkok for hospital administrators on "strategic health care management'' discussed various standardisation procedures for better medical care, said the Superintendent of King George Hospital M. Ganeswara Rao here on Thursday.

Dr. Ganeswara Rao was the only delegate sponsored by the Government from India to the conference. Sixty representatives from 10 countries attended the conference wherein the Geneva-based International Standards Organisation's standards were discussed. Among the standards explained to the delegates, KGH was already in the process of introducing one on the need to have committees of doctors to administer the hospital instead of a single person doing so, he said.

Many panels

``Surgical, medical, disciplinary, infection, laundry, sanitation and purchase committees will be formed. Each committee will have four senior doctors as members,'' he said.

Among the many standardisation procedures were the need to have a policy on admitting and discharging patients, mechanism to determine clinical diagnosis, fixing responsibility for supervision of trainees and junior doctors, need to write prescriptions in a legible manner, recording of findings of every x-ray test, regular check-up of equipment, good environmental services, training for food handlers to cook and serve food in a hygienic manner, computerisation of pharmacy and patients records and safe storage of gases and flammable material.