Kaloji won't cry any more!

HYDERABAD Nov. 13. Kaloji will not trouble the establishment any more. No Government need be afraid of him any longer. There could be no argument over this and there need not be.

After waging a relentless struggle with his words and deeds for more than seven decades on behalf of the suffering masses and the exploited sections, he bade goodbye to the world from his hospital bed at NIMS.

Kaloji's tryst with his anti-establishment attitude began when he was just 16 years of age. Born on the outskirts of Warangal at Madikonda village in 1914 he joined Arya Samaj and the Congress Party and Andhra Maha Sabha later. He was in the forefront of the anti-Nizam struggle and later became a front ranking anti-State force.

Never one to seek any Government favour, he stubbornly pursued his goals in the cause of civil liberties. His works reflected the angst of life.

Every emotion was given a simple yet striking ventilation in his poetry. Kaloji did not care for others' sentiments when it came to giving a dressing down to someone in public and many a public figure went red in face in his presence at public meetings.

He was an MLC between 1960 and 1962 and was conferred an honorary doctorate by Kakatiya University. He unsuccessfully contested against Jalagam Vengal Rao, former Chief Minister, from Sattupalli constituency in 1977 despite being supported by Opposition parties.

Kaloji reacted to different situations the only way he knew. Crying! Tears used well up in his eyes when he was happy and there were more of them when he was sad. That was because he valued tears and shed them in the cause of victims of all acts of violence. And when Kaloji cried, the world cried, that is the exploited world.

He was a "kavi raju and praja kavi'' for whom "dharma Yudham'' was not among negotiables. His life and work were not two different things again and it is impossible to view these separately.

He was also synonymous with "godava'' (complaint, in his words) and that made his words a bit unpalatable to stomach for many around him.

He was a singularly graceful person.

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