Joshi justifies `Indianisation' of education

HYDERABAD Dec.7. The Minister for Human Resources Development, Science and Technology, Murali Manohar Joshi, on Saturday sought to justify `Indianisation' of education, and not `saffronisation', because the Centre wanted to remind people about the country's ancient contributions in various fields.

Addressing the valedictory session of a seminar on `Indianising education--reforms and restructuring' organised by Vignana Bharathi and Maharishi Bharadwaja Society here, he said `Indianisation' of education was necessary to drive away the defeatist attitude among people. "Because of this attitude we have lost thousands of brilliant brains as a feeling was allowed to be developed that there was no scientific tradition in this country."

He asserted that people need to know the Indian point of view of history and the contributions made by Indians right from the Vedic days. This, he said, would make them aware of what had happened in the past and that the mistakes committed then were not repeated.

He claimed `saffronisation' was accepted after the Tricolour was given the pride of place as the National Flag. "What is sought to be done through `Indianisation' of education is to ensure that Indian values remain in society," he said.

He described changes in the textbooks as `restoration of loss of memory.' "I have dreams of a mighty India as a developed country showing the way to rest of the world."

He ridiculed objections to `saffronisation' raised by the Congress and the CPI(M) only in history, saying, "They don't know anything about science or mathematics."

The RSS chief, K. S. Sudarshan, alleged that there was a `conspiracy' to deprive people to know the country's historic feats and contributions. He sought to justify changes in the education system as the present study was based on the Western view.

David Frawly, Vedacharya from the US, and Moulana Wahiduddin Khan, Islamic scholar from Delhi, spoke. Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi, was also present.

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