ISB to make its presence felt among rural, small town populace

Shubhra Tandon

Alumni considering a scholarship targeting rural students

Alumni members refuse to term the institute as `elite'`The rural sector is shying away from the ISB community'

HYDERABAD: The Indian School of Business (ISB) will soon venture out to break the divide.

The often-termed `elite school of business' is planning to make its presence felt among the rural and small town populace.

The effort will come from the alumni of the ISB, which is considering a scholarship targeting this sector.

Other proposals for scholarships to encourage entrepreneurship and social sector management were also under consideration from the alumni's side.

Arjun Shankar, Chief Executive Officer, Ramky Global Solutions Private Limited and president of the alumni association, told The Hindu : "There is a lot of talent that needs to be tapped in rural areas. And this sector for some reasons is shying away from the ISB community."

No awareness

The alumni seem to be conscious of the fact that students from the rural sector vie to get through other top-notch Indian institutes like IIT, but not ISB.

"There is a lack of awareness about the institute among the rural students and we need to bridge this gap. People from underprivileged backgrounds passing out from IIT do well in life. They can do the same here too and we need to create an environment where they can at least apply," he said.


Most ISB alumni members refuse to term the institute as `elite'.

"It is probably because of the high fee structure of the school, but the fact is that most of us here are from ordinary backgrounds. Many of us have taken loans for education and are repaying them," says another alumnus, Manav Futnani, working for HSBC Bank PLC, London.


However, the alumni and the business school still needs to figure out the quantum of scholarship, identify the segment and performance parameters for all the proposals.

"The proposals will be subject to the school management's discretion," Mr. Shankar added.

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