Is security scene slackening in city?

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HYDERABAD: Daring daytime robbery at Ekminar, murder for gain of jeweller who went missing from Masabtank and a daytime murder for gain on Ministers' road in Secunderabad. And morale of these three sensational offences committed in a gap of nine days in the State capital is "don't carry huge gold or cash unless you're well equipped to protect the same." That was the reaction from a police Inspector who visited the scene of gruesome killing of a coal contractor Raja Rao on Monday on Ministers' road.

A common element in all these three crimes is the victims were carrying huge gold or cash and the offenders were aware of it. While detectives are racking up their brains to find out how the culprits stumbled upon the information, committing of these offences generated a feeling that security scenario is slackening in the State capital.

Ekminar incident

In Ekminar incident, four gold merchants were travelling in a car when a four-member armed gang attacked with swords and made away with the six kilos gold they were carrying. In the second crime, the jeweller Devakinandan disappeared after collecting six kilos gold from a bank at Masabtank. He was travelling alone in his car.

Even as the investigators wondered how the businessman chose to travel alone carrying so much gold, his relatives said sometimes they used to purchase five kilos of bullion and ride back to home alone on a two-wheeler. But who is to be blamed -- is it the victims who travelled without taking much security or the police responsible for prevention of crimes?

Offenders stalk victims

"Both are equally responsible," says a senior police officer. The police are responsible because involvement of some persons with earlier criminal record was suspected in Ekminar robbery. This robbery could have been checked had there been vigilance on them.

In the jeweller's murder case, he took a risk by travelling alone and apparently failed to ensure information about his movements was not leaked. In these three cases, police believe offenders stalked them, waited for an opportunity and waylaid the victims. In the frequent chain snatching cases reported in the city, the offenders keep a watch on people walking alone, make sure they are wearing gold or carrying some bag and strike.

More or less similar are the thefts of cash and gold from the side boxes of two-wheelers. Even as the scooter dickey offences are reported continuously, people still choose to keep money and valuable in the vehicles and leave them unattended.

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