Industries shy away from CSR activities

Despite repeated warnings , many units fail to release funds

Despite repeated warnings, many industries located in Medak district have failed in paying the mandatory amount under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

While some small industries are somehow responding to the notices being issued by the administration, many pharmaceutical giants are not bothering about them.

According to sources, there are as many as 959 industries located in the district and they are mandated to pay as much as Rs. 42,59,39,370 to the district administration. There is a mandate for for industries to pay 1 per cent to 5 per cent of their respective project cost at the construction stage under the CSR scheme. Similarly, the industries should pay at least 0.08 to 0.2 per cent of the project cost every year from there on. The industries have to spend this amount on welfare measures like health, education, sanitation and drinking water supply.

The collection of amount from industries has been entrusted to Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Sangareddy, Executive Engineer (EE), Pollution Control Board (PCB), Ramachandrapuram, EE, PCB, Sangareddy, General Manager, DIC, Sangareddy, Inspector of Factories, Sangareddy and Inspector of Factories Ramachandrapuram.

The major industries that are listed to pay the contribution as part of their CSR included the Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (Rs.14.79 crore), two units of the MRF Limited (Rs. 1.94 crore), eight units of the Aurobindo Pharma Limited (Rs.1.29 crore), Mahindra and Mahindra located at Zaheerabad (Rs.1.16 crore), Ms. Mylan Labs (Rs. 94.53 lakhs), Hetero Labs (Rs.91.46 lakh), Nagarjuna Fertilizers (Rs . 82 lakh), Reddy’s Labs (Rs 73.52 lakh), Skol Breweries (Rs 52.86 lakh), Astha Power Corporation (Rs. 50.49 lakh) and Gland Pharma (Rs 42.19 lakh) among others.

The BHEL (Rs.13 crore), Ordinance Factory (Rs. 84. 24 lakh) and BDL (Rs. 35. 86 lakh) are also listed among the CSR contributors.

However, the Reliance industries has paid its CSR contribution for Kakinada. The amount collected so far has been put at Rs. 1.6 cr., despite repeated warnings being issued by Collector Smita Sabharwal.

959 industries are mandated to pay Rs. 42.59 cr. to district administration under CSR scheme

The amount collected so far has been put at

Rs. 1.6 crore

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