Indrasena flays YSR for supporting Emergency

ANANTAPUR SEPT. 6. The BJP State president, N. Indrasena Reddy, has joined issue with the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, for the latter's talk of Indira raj and Emergency made at the AP Youth Congress meeting in Hyderabad yesterday.

Participating in the Meet-the-Press programme organised by the district unit of the AP Union of Working Journalists today, the BJP leader criticised Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy for his reported remarks that Indira Gandhi had imposed Emergency only for the benefit of the poor.

All important leaders of the Opposition parties were jailed and censorship was imposed on the publication of news. He said several newspapers had carried blank editorials and news articles, which were objected to by the Indira Gandhi regime during the Emergency. Mr. Indrasena Reddy sought to know whether choking the media was the benefit of Emergency.

He also criticised the CLP leader for his reported talk of getting Indira raj once again. People of the country were well aware of the suffering they had undergone during the Emergency and the ills of Indira raj. But, Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy seemed to be lacking proper knowledge about Emergency, the BJP leader said.

Mr. Indrasena Reddy took exception to Congress leaders' challenge to the TDP Government that they would get water from Karnataka if the latter stepped down. "It implies that Congress leaders have the capacity to get water from Karnataka, but they are wantonly not doing it,'' he said.

He sought to know from the Congress about its priorities -- people or power. "I request the PCC president and the CLP leader to get water from Karnataka as the prospects of raising crops in the Krishna command area are bleak as Karnataka has not been letting even a drop of water from any of the rivers, rivulets and stream flowing down into Andhra Pradesh.''

Asked then why the Karnataka BJP was fighting for the Paragodu project, the BJP leader said party units in different States had their own priorities. He stressed the need for an independent body to identify the need of such projects.

Mr. Indrasena Reddy condemned the attitude of Karnataka, which, he alleged, was objecting to AP's opposition to its water blockade with the help of several controversial projects. At the same time, Karnataka was objecting even to small feeder channels and tanks taken up by AP even on streams flowing down from Karnataka.

He accused Karnataka of getting clearances to its irrigation projects by misleading governing bodies like the Central Water Commission and even the Supreme Court. Further, he alleged that Karnataka was drawing excess water than its allocation from the Tungabhadra dam as the Tungabhadra Board had no powers to prevent their high-handedness.

The State unit of BJP had formed a three-member committee to visit the entire Krishna catchment and command area and submit its report to the second tribunal on sharing Krishna waters.

He reiterated the party's stand that total utilisation of Godavari waters was the only solution to the State's water woes.

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