`Indiramma' gets murky in the agency areas

S. Harpal Singh

Large-scale flouting of Act 1 of 1970 alleged in Adilabad district Large-scale flouting of Act 1 of 1970 in Adilabad district; most beneficiaries turn out to be non-tribals

Special Collector sounds MROs on the violation Pressure on MROs to issue possession certificates

UTNOOR (ADILABAD DT.): Large-scale flouting of the Andhra Pradesh Land Transfer Regulation (LTR) Act 1 of 1970 seems to be the order of the day in the agency areas of the district, especially in the 100 per cent tribal revenue division of Utnoor, with regard to sanctioning of houses under Indiramma scheme.

Instances like in Chanduri village where over 100 beneficiaries of 154 under Indiramma turned out to be non-tribals have raised this suspicion.

Special Deputy Collector (Tribal Welfare) whose job it is to ensure the LTR is not flouted has sounded the Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation and Mandal Revenue Officers (MROs) in the agency mandals on the violation through a letter on November 21.

However, the pressure being exerted on MROs for issue of possession certificates to non-tribal applicants in Indiramma villages has not come down.

According to an MRO, who preferred anonymity, non-tribals purchase plots of the size of 500 sq ft to 600 sq ft from tribals in the given area for getting an Indiramma house sanctioned.

They subsequently demand a possession certificate without proof that they had been in possession of the piece of land for a period specified under the LTR.

Foundations excavated

In Jainoor mandal headquarters village, over 600 foundations have been excavated by non-tribals who are awaiting possession certificates for sanction of houses under the second phase. "There is a suspicion that these houses are being constructed by contractors who assure applicants of sanction at a later date.

Otherwise, there is no logic for a person to begin construction while his status is still that of an applicant," said an official in Jainoor where of the 1,000 applicants, over 800 are non-tribals.

"The case is compounded further as `illegal' non-tribal beneficiaries are being promised bank loans for construction of houses under Indiramma. Bankers will have to contend with this problem in future also," pointed out another official.

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