Housewife cheated

SURYAPET (NALGONDA DT.), FEB.26. A gang of impostors bamboozled a house-wife in the guise of goldsmiths and decamped with gold ornaments costing Rs.75,000 at Srisrinagar here on Thursday.

According to the police, three unknown persons approached one Boddupalli Srikala, wife of an employee in the Animal Husbandry department, and made her believe that they would polish gold and silver ornaments using a special powder.

They asked her to give her silver anklet to test the power of the powder and woman did so. She found the ornament as white as milk after keeping it in the water mixed with the powder. Then the trio asked her to bring her gold ornaments for being polished with the same powder. The woman brought 13 tolas of gold from her cupboard and asked them to restore the lost lustre. They put all the ornaments in a pressure cooker, poured the water mixed with the powder and asked her to open it after three whistles, the police said.

When the woman opened the cooker after some time, all the ornaments were found missing and the trio also vanished from the scene. On realising that they took her for a ride, the housewife filed a complaint with the police.