`Hospitals need health administrators'

KURNOOL June 26. The outgoing Collector, G. Saiprasad, has suggested posting of health administrators for management of affairs in the Government-run hospitals.

Addressing a function after his felicitation by the staff of the General Hospital here, Mr. Prasad said many universities in the world were offering exclusive MBA courses in health administration.

Mr. Prasad asked doctors to develop an unambiguous treatment protocol to satisfy patients as well as their attendants. Adherence to treatment protocol would cause some inconvenience to doctors but it would help them avoid controversies and litigation. He said patients should have an idea about the line of treatment and procedures in the hospital so that they did not have grouse if it was followed. He said documentation of the treatment procedure was also important to avoid controversies. He said in the US the procedure was well-established and on line medical transcript writers were engaged even from India to reduce the cost of documentation. The trend was going to come to India in future as people were growing conscious about their health and medical procedures.

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