Hectic parleys on seat sharing in East Godavari

Staff Reporter

Direct contest between CPI and CPI(M) likely in eight to ten MPTCs

CPI settles for 13 MPTCs and leaves ZPTCsTDP offers two ZPTCs and 18 to 20 MPTCs to CPI(M)

Rajahmundry: Deadlock continued in seat sharing in East Godavari district between the TDP-CPI(M) and Congress-CPI till Thursday evening. The CPI(M) is concentrating on agency area and demanding five ZPTCs and 50 MPTCs from the TDP.

Marathon talks

DCC president Thota Narasimham, along with Minister Jakkampudi Ramamohana Rao, had marathon deliberations with CPI district secretary Meesala Satyanaryana and other leaders on finalisation of seats.

The CPI, in the beginning, asked for three ZPTCs and 26 MPTCs in the district. When the deliberations began, the Congress pressured the CPI to contest only MPTCs that too 12 to 15. CPI local leaders spoke to their party secretary K. Narayana in Hyderabad, who in turn spoke to PCC president K. Kesava Rao. Finally, the Minister convinced CPI leaders to settle for only MPTCs that too not more than 13. The CPI and Congress took maximum time in settling Sakhinetipalli ZPTC seat in Konaseema area. Finally, the Minister said that as the TDP was fielding candidates with good financial background and if CPI was ready to spend as much, the Congress was ready to forego Sakhinetipalli. The CPI, however, announced that it was satisfied with 13 MPTCs.

On the other hand, the TDP offered Devipatnam and Maredumilli ZPTCs to the CPI(M) but the later demanded Rajavommangi also in the same agency area.

The talks were inconclusive on Rajavommangi and as far as MPTCs were concerned, the TDP offered between 18 to 20 out of the 50 sought by the CPI(M).

As far as Left parties are concerned, CPI and CPI(M) were likely to be in one-to-one fray in eight to ten MPTC seats.