Heat wave hits Greyhounds

Seriously ill personnel could not be brought back

Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: Two parties of Greyhound squad, involved in combing operations at Nephru Nagar Thanda of Durgi Mandal in Guntur district, were hit on Monday by heat wave conditions prevailing in the State. The area recorded 44 degrees Celsius on Monday.

The condition of three personnel was said to be serious as they could not be brought out of the Nallamalla forest due to lack of proper communication facilities. A Greyhound party of 20 personnel entered the forest from Nephru Nagar Thanda at 5 p.m. on Monday to physically lift back the ill personnel and had not returned till late in the night.

Bid to airlift fails

A helicopter from Visakhapatnam circled the area on top of hills where the heat-stroke victims were lying, but could not airlift them this afternoon, as it could not find suitable place to land. The Greyhounds Superintendent of Police, Balasubhrahmanyam, was camping at the Thanda by setting up a communication station to be in touch with the affected in the forest.

Two parties of Greyhounds personnel, who had entered the area in Durgi mandal of Nallamalla on Saturday exhausted all their food and drinking water stocks by Sunday afternoon. They could not walk back on the terrain from the third of the six hillocks of 60 feet height that divides Guntur from Prakasam district.

The local police, who received a message from the failing communication sets, rushed into the forest but could not locate them for a long time even with the help of a local tribal. The services of a helicopter were then requisitioned.

Found unconscious

Three parties of Greyhounds, which went in, traced the personnel in an unconscious condition and administered first aid. Of them, two parties returned to Nephru Nagar and were treated for heat stroke. Those seriously ill, however, could not be brought to safety. The police refused to confirm reports that 100 personnel had fallen sick and did not provide information on the condition of those in the forest, though a communication link was established. Doctors, ambulance and paramedical staff were kept ready at the Thanda to treat those coming out.

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