Heart surgeries performed on two ailing children

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One of them is 8 months old

Button technique obviates need for open-heart surgerySome 175 operations performed so far in Usha Cardiac Centre

VIJAYAWADA: City-based Usha Cardiac Centre has performed special surgeries on two children who were suffering from different congenital heart diseases under the programme taken up by the State Government.

Hospital head Y.V. Rao said at a press conference on Wednesday that the surgeries were performed on the Children's Day. The method followed in the surgeries was the `umbrella device closure'. It was preferred because it obviated the need for an open-heart surgery.

Two-year-old S. Nofil of Bhadrachalam was operated upon for closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA), while eight-month-old P. Nandakishore of Thammabanda in Nalgonda district was operated upon for Aorta Pulmonary (AP) window closure.

In PDA, abnormal circulation of blood occurs between two of the major arteries near the heart because the ductus arteriosus, an essential part of foetal circulation and which normally gets closed soon after birth, remains open. The AP window is another congenital connection between the ascending aorta and main pulmonary artery.

`Open heart' method

Dr. Rao said that open-heart surgery in children usually led to various complications, such as death in some extreme cases and forced absence for longer periods from school.

But thanks to umbrella device closure, which was also called button technique, there would be no need to open the heart as every thing could be performed from outside.

He said 175 surgeries had so far been performed under the Government-sponsored programme in the hospital, and these two were special among those.

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