Harrowing time for seventh class students

VIJAYAWADA APRil 15. Some 21 students took their seventh class common examination two hours late after undergoing an harrowing experience here on Tuesday. The private candidates found to their dismay that they were not allotted any centre and ran from pillar to post in a bid to save their academic year.

When they almost lost all hope, the Education Department came to their rescue and made last minute arrangements for them to take the examination. Then students and their parents heaved a sigh of relief.

They were the students of Gokaraju Ranga Raju Surya Public School. As the school was unrecognised, the students were required to appear for the examination as private candidates sponsored by some recognised school. Rajastani school has been sponsoring the students of Surya Public School for the last few years.

Accordingly, they paid their examination fee of Rs. 300 each. But the school clerk reportedly did not remit the amount in the treasury to enable them to get allotted to some examination centre. As the students did not get their hall-tickets, the parents grew suspicious. But the clerk made them believe that the students were allotted centre at Gandhiji Municipal High School. When the students went to Gandhiji Municipal School to take the examination this morning, they found that they were not allotted to the centre.

The students and their parents rushed to SKPVV Hindu High School in Gandhinagar and brought their plight to the notice of THE Deputy Educational Officer, Premanandam, camping there. After obtaining special permission from the District Educational Officer, Jagannadha Reddy, he made arrangements for the students to take the examination but after paying the examination fee with late fee amounting to Rs. 600. The hapless parents paid the demanded fee on the spot to enable their wards to take the examination and save an academic year.

They lodged a complaint with the police against the school clerk.

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