`Guest artistes' at 10K run

THAT THEY only preach what they never practice was proved yet again. Yes, the point of discussion is Tollywood film stars. All the while, the buzz about the 10K run was that all the big stars would be there. Only it turned out to be a guest appearance just like the item numbers, many of their ilk revel in!

A few turned up, did a jig or two and vanished into their limousines as the run began. Comedian, Sunil, is said to be the only exception. He apparently put his best foot forward and took part in the run. He even obliged autograph-seekers in a big way and went through the motions with a big smile all through.

Talking about real participants, the Speaker K.R. Suresh Reddy, and the MLA, Kiran Kumar Reddy, too sweated it out in the run. Indeed, very unbecoming of politicians, who usually let their vocal chords do the running than the feet!

IT IS not unusual to hear complaints from people about objectionable behaviour of policemen. The other day a traffic home guard intercepted a youngster driving a car for honking. Even as the youngster tried to reason it out, the home guard allegedly abused the youth who went to the nearby Panjagutta police station to lodge a complaint.

Incidentally, a head constable present in the police station too did not pay heed to the youngster's version. Then, the youngster told him that he was the son of an Assistant Commissioner of Police working in the city and there was no need for him to complain against a policeman without reason.

This only angered the already irritated home guard who continued to abuse the youth. The helpless young man called up his father who asked him to give the mobile to the head constable to find out what exactly happened. "I'll not take the phone" was the cop's curt reply. Well. If that is the treatment meted out to a police officer's son, one can imagine the fate of scores of people going to police stations for redressal of grievances.

WHAT WOULD be the stand of the new Police Commissioner towards bars and pubs? Is he as strict? As the news of the senior IPS officer, V. Dinesh Reddy, taking over as the new Hyderabad Police Commissioner spread, the most `worried' lot appeared to be the owners of pubs and bars. They immediately started calling up those `influential' persons, who include a few police officials, asking them `how is Mr. Dinesh Reddy.' It is only a matter of time to know how `tight' the new Commissioner will be. Wait and watch!

GOVERNORS ARE known to stick to their written speeches. But Sushil Kumar Shinde would like to be different. While inaugurating the birth anniversary celebrations of Salarjung III here on Saturday, he read out his written speech and then spoke extempore. "Till a month ago I used to talk what I liked. But as Governor, I have limitations", he said and made some off the cuff remarks about adding new articles to the museum and encouraging upcoming artistes.

CONGRESSMEN WRITING a letter to Sonia Gandhi might not be news. But, TRS legislator, T. Padma Rao, shocked many by dashing off a letter to Ms. Gandhi recently.

The letter's content was disturbing for Congressmen, particularly senior Congress leader and MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy. Mr. Rao alleged that Mr. Reddy was behind the TRS candidate's defeat in the Hissamgunj Monda Municipal by poll.

Mr. Reddy, he alleged, had ignored the TRS-Congress alliance and pushed a Congress candidate into the fray, which "divided the votes and gifted the seat" to the BJP-TDP combine.

There has been no news of any reply from the `high command', but wonder what prompted a TRS leader to write to Ms. Gandhi, especially when the Congress-TRS honeymoon is purportedly heading to an end.

By K.V.S. Madhav, Marri Ramu, Vikram Sharma, J.S. Ifthekhar and Dennis Marcus Mathew

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