Girijan co-op on a forward march

Santosh Patnaik

An all-time high turnover target of Rs. 228 crores set for 2006-07

Achieves targets continuously for five yearsRs.38-crore target set for procurement of minor forest produce and agriculture produce for 2006-07Steps being taken to weed out middlemen and ensure remunerative price to tribalsThe retail marketing division (RMD) strengthened

VISAKHAPATNAM: The thrust accorded to reduction of establishment and other overheads by Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) has paid rich dividends.

Thanks to the initiative taken by the management as part of cost-cutting measures, GCC could improve its turnover during the past five years. The turnover figures themselves speak volumes about its efforts to cut down wasteful expenditure and ensure optimum utilisation of manpower.

Incidentally, GCC has achieved its target continuously for past five years. It registered a turnover of Rs.110.74 crores in 2001-02 as against Rs.110.005 crores in 2002-03, Rs.126.87 crores in 2003-04, Rs.160.22 crores in 2004-05 and Rs.194.48 crores in 2005-06.

According to the annual action plan for 2006-07, a target has been set to achieve an all-time high turnover of Rs.228 crores.

``We have taken all steps to ensure weeding out of middlemen to guarantee remunerative price to tribals for minor forest produce (MFP), distribution of essential commodities through daily requirement (DR) depots and extend credit facility for taking up farming operations,'' a GCC official said.

The annual plan envisages achieving the target through procurement of MFP and agriculture produce, sale of essential commodities through DR depots in interior areas and extending short-term loans for seasonal agricultural operations.

The retail marketing division (RMD) has been strengthened by infusing professionalism among employees and appointing stockists.

Innovative strategy

An ambitious target has been set to achieve procurement of MFP and agriculture produce worth Rs.38 crores during the year.

The contemplated increase will be 35 per cent compared to last year. New strategy

As part of an innovative strategy, targets have been set for all the divisions for procurement of MFP.

Thirty villages have been identified for opening procurement centres to prevent tribals from trekking long distances to sell their produce at shandies and purchase centres.

The DR depots will also be used as outlets for procurement.

Before the commencement of the procurement season, divisional managers and managers of Girijan Primary Cooperative Marketing Societies will hold gram sabhas to interact with stakeholders for an assessment on the arrival of various produce and draw an action plan for setting up purchase centres.

The GCC management has also decided to have effective coordination with the Government agencies like village organisations set up under Velugu and Vana Samrakshana Samitis functioning under World Bank-funded Community Forest Management.