Get set for a long and tedious haul

`Students pursuing medicine course will take at least 10 to 12 years to settle in life'

The following were some of the questions posed by EAMCET rankers in the medical stream at the counselling session organised by The Hindu-Education Plus at Vijayawada and Tirupati last week.

Q: My daughter has secured 2,072th rank. I wish to know how many medical seats exist in the State in various colleges. Some 3, 500 medical seats existed last year. Considering the fact that three new medical colleges are to come up this year, the total number of seats will definitely go up.

Do students of Bi.P.C hoping to pursue biotechnology in under-graduation get counselled during sessions for engineering students?

A: Bi.P.C students do get counselled during sessions for engineering students but only for 50 per cent of the seats, as the remaining seats are meant for MPC students.

Q: Can you brief me on the availability of nuclear medicine as a course for study and also provide information regarding bio-medical engineering and bio-informatics?

A: NTR University is not offering nuclear medicine as a course for study. Bio-medical Engineering deals with bio-medical instrumentation and bio-informatics is not available as a course of study in Andhra Pradesh. But a handful of colleges in Tamil Nadu are offering it.

Q: I recently came across an advertisement in The Hindu by BITS-PILANI offering BS Physician Assistant as a course for study. I would like to know if the course is similar to nursing and better than the same?

A: BS Physician Assistant involves assisting the physician in his practice and is different from nursing, which is a more responsible job.

Q: I have secured a rank of 11,000 in EAMCET. Can I hope to get a B.Pharmacy seat?

A: Securing a B.Pharmacy seat gets doubtful beyond the rank of 8,000 as there are only 55 colleges in the State of which three are Government and 52 private. Only 3,600 seats exist of which 1,500 are meant for students of MPC and the rest for students of BiPC. Of the 1,500 seats available, 750 seats are reserved for students belonging to SCs and STs.

Q: What are the prospects for an MBBS graduate?

A: A student of MBBS can specialise in one of the many branches of study like neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, etc. depending on the results of PG entrance test. However, it is true that a student pursuing medicine will take up to 10 to 12 years to settle in life.

Q: Is a student of BiPC likely to face difficulty with mathematics and statistics while pursuing biotechnology as a career?

A: Biotechnology involves more of biology and less of mathematics. However, biotechnology also involves mathematics and statistics is an inevitable subject for science students of any discipline.

Q: I have secured a rank of 5,600 in EAMCET. Can I hope to get admission into any medical college outside India based on this rank?

A: Ukraine and Russia have a few medical colleges recognised by the Indian Council, but a separate procedure exists for admission to these colleges or any college outside the country. The EAMCET rank would hardly help.

Q: I have secured a rank of 4,920. Is it advisable to take up long-term coaching for next year's EAMCET or B.Tech Biotechnology as a course of study?

A: It would be better to take up B.Tech Biotechnology instead of long-term coaching.

Q: My daughter has secured a rank of 1,056 and is likely to be awarded an MBBS seat in Osmania University area, but she wants to join the NRI Medical College, which falls under Andhra University area. Is it possible for her to secure a seat in the institution of her choice and what is the counselling procedure?

A: It depends. Counselling experts may consider her wish depending on the availability of seats under non-local category in the particular college.

Q: How is the job market for graduates of biotechnology?

A: Plenty of skill-based jobs exist for graduates of biotechnology. But it is to be understood that biotechnology demands more of research and development.

Q: When can we expect to find notifications for admission to BHMS and physiotherapy? Notifications for admission to BHMS are likely to be published this month in leading newspapers. Private colleges alone are offering physiotherapy in the State for which notification has already been issued.

Q: How is it possible to procure a list of recognised colleges offering BDS and MBBS courses in the State?

The following were some of the questions posed at the Tirupati session:

Q: Students normally vie for mainstream medicine. What are the opportunities in nursing, pharmacy and physiotherapy?

A: They have a bright future, both at home and abroad. One can be sure of an impressive career with further specialisation in physiotherapy in the areas of cardiac, neuro, ortho, etc. Similarly, M.Sc (Nursing) candidates are in great demand worldwide. Having a PG diploma in `Specialised Nursing' will land you in a new world of opportunities. Pharmacy, too, is a lucrative area, where the monthly salary can go up to Rs.1 lakh.

Q: Foreign universities invite candidates for admission. Are they recognised by the MCI.

A: Only a handful are recognised. You can contact the university's local agent or visit the MCI's website for details.

Q: Candidates from Andhra Pradesh and J&K are not permitted to take the All-India Pre-Medical test. Why?

A: It is true that these States are not contributing to the all-India quota. However, the Government is contemplating opening up the quota.

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