Games inaugural: people told to reach venue in advance

HYDERABAD OCT. 22. Organisers of the Afro-Asian Games have appealed to people to reach the G. M. C. Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli for the inaugural ceremony on October 24 well in advance. Entry was strictly for invitees and valid ticket holders.

"Since the parking lots are located away from the stadium, it will take considerable time for people to reach the venue after parking their vehicles. Hence, they need to reach their respective parking lots as listed on the tickets and invites by 3 p.m.," officials said in a statement.

"All invitees and ticket holders have to carry car passes. Even two-wheelers should have a car pass and all ticket holders should collect the car passes at the ticket counters itself," they said.

The officials asked people to take note of the specific parking lot earmarked for them on their car pass. "Parking lots and seating galleries are inter-connected and one can access their seats only through the prescribed parking lot," they said. Car passes would have details of the name of the parking lot, different colours for various parking lots and the route map guiding them to specific parking lot. Carrying of transistors, mirrors, crackers, baggage, water bottles, eatables, cameras etc. is prohibited.

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