Frustrated woman killed alcoholic son, say police

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: A mother's frustration over her son's alcoholism has left two people dead and another man in hospital, the police said on Wednesday.

Investigators initially believed that Balavender (23) and Lingamaiah (70) died after consuming cheap liquor in Chatrinaka last week. But the autopsy reports revealed that they died after consuming acid. The police said Balavendar's mother, Prameela, deliberately poured the acid in a liquor bottle with an intention to kill him.

The two men were found dead six days ago after attending a `bhajan' at a relative's house. Another person, Yadaiah, 43, who mistakenly drank the acid is recuperating at Osmania General Hospital. The police suspected foul play because of a slash on Balavender's right forearm and a contusion on his forehead. Suspicion fell on the family members when the police learnt that Balavender, a painter living in Mekalamandi, used to pester them for money to buy liquor. Prameela spilled the beans on persistent questioning. The police said that Prameela, a fourth class employee in a Government hospital, was vexed with her alcoholic son whose behaviour at times forced his two sisters to sleep in neighbours' houses.

Suicide threat

Prameela was hurt when Balavender refused to attend a death anniversary and instead demanded money for liquor. When she refused to give the money he threatened to slash his wrist. Prameela was depressed by his threat and may have decided to kill him, an investigator said.

Balavender had once brought acid and threatened to consume it. His mother, police believe, emptied the acid into a liquor bottle and kept it near her dead husband's photo. Balavender, who returned home early Wednesday, noticed the bottle and took it to share it with friends. When he drank it, he fell unconscious and died.

Lingamaiah and Yadaiah, who saw him lying on the street, thought he was drunk and took a swig themselves, the police said. Lingamaiah died later; Yadaiah is in the hospital. Prameela was arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

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