Fraudster's bid to sell non-existent site exposed

Staff Reporter

Hyderabad-based buyer's relatives grow suspicious, make enquiries

VISAKHAPATNAM: A Hyderabad-based prospective buyer found the entire deal fishy and later exposed an attempt by a broker to sell away a non-existent site in Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) layout at Kapulauppada.

Botsa Daniel Sunil Kumar, posing himself as a resident of Madhavadhara and son of a senior police officer, had entered into an agreement with K. Vijayalaxmi of Hyderabad for selling 375 square yards at the rate of Rs. 4,500 per sqyd in Survey No. 312.

During enquiry, Vijayalaxmi's relatives Laxman and S. Venkata Rao found that Sunil Kumar had obtained a general power of attorney (GPA) from the owner of the plot No. 391/B. After accepting an advance of Rs. 65,000, he had promised registration of the property on December 31, 2005.

Ms. Vijayalaxmi's relatives told reporters on Sunday that they grew suspicious when Sunil Kumar failed to bring the original documents.

"After seeking some time, we applied for a no-encumbrance certificate from the Sub-Registrar's Office, Bheenipatnam and found that there is no plot with the number 391/B in the said layout,'' they stated.

Enquiries revealed that Sunil Kumar had obtained a photocopy of the registration document of plot No. 392 and got the GPA registered by making some corrections in the duplicate copy. "This he could make by managing some officials concerned," Laxman and Venkat Rao alleged.

To confirm the fraud, they also sought a certified copy of the registration document of plot No. 392.

After finding discrepancies, they approached the Police Commissionerate. Later the case was transferred to the Fourth Town Police Station.

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