Former TDP legislator back in party

RAJAHMUNDRY, FEB. 26. Former Sampara MLA, Pilli Ananta Lakshmi (TDP), who had created a minor flutter in TDP circles by announcing her resignation from the party on the day the Chief Minister started his `cycle yatra' in Rajahmundry on February 9, has withdrawn her resignation, thanks to the efforts of the Finance Minister, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.

The issue in fact turned a full circle. It was about a year ago that Sattibabu, husband of Ananata Laskhmi, who was described as the `de facto MLA' was suspended from the party for his alleged involvement in irregularities in the execution of the Food for Work programme. The Lok Ayukta conducted an enquiry into the allegation. From then on, Ms.Anantha Lakshmi had been facing problems and alleging that some people were interfering in her constituency. It was clear that it was the former MLA from Peddapuram, Boddu Bhaskara Rama Rao (TDP), that she was referring to. Ms Anantha Lakshmi alleged that since she was a woman from the Backward Class that attempts were made to jeopardise her political career, following which she and her husband submitted their resignation to the party.

Incidentally, no important leader from the TDP reacted to the resignation. This silence had its impact. Just a few days after the resignation, Ms.Anantha Lakshmi and Mr.Sattibabu had announced that they had resigned only to their `active membership' but continued as primary members of the party.

It was only a few ago that the Finance Minister, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, whose Assembly segment Tuni is adjacent to Sampara, initiated steps to bring the two groups, viz Anantha Lakshmi and Bhaskara Rama Rao groups together.

It did not take much time and Ms.Anantha Lakshmi and Mr Sattibabu were back in the TDP within two weeks after the resignation drama.