For those with hope, there is life

Hyderabad Dec. 4. It was just a normal day in the old city on Thursday. The outbreak of communal fracas during the day had no bearing on the life south of the Musi.

At least people did not give any indication of it. Shops and business establishments functioned as usual. RTC buses plied normally and the crowds around Charminar shopped as if there was no tomorrow.

As usual the old city was agog with rumours soon after clashes erupted near Bahadurpura. People were enquiring about the incident, particularly those having their kith and kin in the affected area. But, by and large, the common man seemed to take the whole thing in his stride. There was no panic or closure of shops.

Even the sensitive areas in the old city presented a calm look. Life went on as usual with people going about their work without paying heed to the rumours. "The whole thing appears to be engineered. The city has been peaceful all along and how can trouble break out just on the eve of Babri Masjid demolition anniversary," asked Aziz, a shopkeeper at Kishan Bagh. Many echoed similar views and felt the elaborate security arrangements by the police on the eve of December 6 anniversary and the protest meetings organised by the political parties add to the tension. "Nobody wants any trouble or bandh as it throws life out of gear," said a rickshawpuller who went about his business unmindful of the clashes.

Will today's incident have a bearing on Friday prayers? "It is a big challenge to the police. How they will deal with the situation on Friday is to be seen," the Majlis leader, Asaduddin Owaisi, said.

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