Filing of nominations begin for DCCB elections

Special Correspondent

Srikakulam: There was hectic activity at the offices of District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) and District Cooperative Marketing Society (DCMS) because of election of directors to these bodies, for which the process of filing nominations started on Monday. There would be 21 directors for the DCCB (16 to be elected from the presidents of Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies of PACS) and five from the allied societies like the weavers' cooperatives and others. These 21 directors would choose a chairman for the DCCM from among themselves. Similar is the case with the DCMS that would have 10 directors. While election of directors would be on Thursday, the chairmen of DCCB and the DCMS would be elected the next day. The Congress-supported candidates had won 36 of the 51 PACS in the district and hence the Congress candidate would, in all probability, be the chairman of the DCCB. In all, 19 candidates filed their nominations for directors' post on Monday.

However, there are at least four aspirants for this post viz S.V. Ramana Rao, Dola Sitaram, Palavalasa Rajasekhar and S. Lokanadham. A meeting of the District Congress Committee was held here on Sunday evening to sort out the issue. Initially the name of Mr. S.V. Ramana came to the centre stage prominently, but Mr. Rajasekhar, who missed the DCC chief's post in the last minute, had been making a strong bid for the post.

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