Farmers told to adopt latest cultivation methods

Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: In view of the increasing exploitation of water resources, experts and officials are giving special attention to awareness programmes on best agricultural practices.

The Government has begun these programmes with a view to educating farmers on the need for using less water and reduce cost of cultivation so that they will not face any problems due to lack of proper yields.

The awareness programmes have been held in different parts of the district. At such a meeting held at Vuyyuru recently, District Collector Navin Mittal, gave a new responsibility to the progressive farmers and officials, asking them to encourage small and marginal farmers to make use of latest methods of cultivation.

Awards to farmers

He says that the farmers should be educated to derive maximum mileage out of mechanisation of agriculture.

Mr. Mittal said that pest management practices should be followed to achieve remunerative yields without investing heavily. All the stakeholders should be involved in the creation of awareness programmes about best farm practices.

Mr. Mittal said that due recognition would be given to some progressive farmers, who had slightly modified certain mechanical implements to suit the local needs. The district administration would identify such farmers and give awards to them.

The Collector advised the farmers to use capacitors and motors bearing ISI mark so that it would help in water conservation and saving precious groundwater resources. Farmers should show interest to promote sericulture for better utilisation of resources. Farmers should come forward to growing sugarcane using drip irrigation methods and the Government would provide 60 per cent subsidy.

Mr. Mittal said that farmers were cultivating sugarcane in 400 hectares and the extent of area was expected to increase in the coming three to four years. The Sugar Factory management was giving interest-free loans up to 40 per cent of the cost of cultivation and the farmers would have to mobilise just another 40 per cent. The remaining 20 per cent would come in the form of Government subsidy, if they followed drip irrigation and other best practices.

Exhibitions planned

The district administration would continue to conduct such programmes. It would also conduct exhibitions of various products of the agriculture, sericulture, animal husbandry and horticulture.

The experts and the officials being involved in these programmes are senior scientist K. Prasada Rao, agriculture joint director S.Jagadeeswara Reddy, Transco SE P. Anjaiah and irrigation deputy SE Rajendra Prasad.