Farmers in Bidar district urged to take up silk rearing

Farmers could earn monthly income from silk rearing unlike in traditional crops that give them income once a year

Staff Correspondent

BIDAR: Bidar's climate, soil and water are fit for silk rearing. Many farmers have been cultivating mulberry and producing silk for the last 25 years here.

They have made handsome profits, Silk Extension Officer Mahesh Kumar Wage said here on Friday.

Participating in an onsite demonstration in Patarapalli in Bidar taluk, he called upon farmers to take up silk rearing and improve their financial condition.

Progressive farmer Mallappa Malagi asked farmers to adopt new and improved silk rearing methods that are simple and needed less labour. Leading silk rearing farmer Pentareddy Patil of Hokrana B said farmers could earn monthly income from silk rearing unlike in traditional crops that gave them only a yearly income. He called upon farmers to take up organic farming as it reduced cost of cultivation, increased soil fertility and produced healthy food.

Jagannath Ballure, Assistant Director, Sericulture, said new, high yielding varieties of mulberry crops and CSR variety of silkworms of internationally-accepted quality were developed by scientists and popularised by the Government.

Satish Kulkarni, Senior Silk Scientist of the Central Silk Board, said mulberry is a crop that grows well in scarce and in heavy rain. He said silk production is less susceptible to vagaries of nature.

B.B. Malkannanavar, Deputy Director, Sericulture, said the annual average production of silk is 6,000 tonnes. Over 60 per cent of it is produced in Bangalore and Kolar districts.

Sericulture officers Vaijanth Bhangure, M.A. Allapur, Tukaram and several participated, according to a press release.

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