Fake passports seized

HYDERABAD DEC. 24. Two persons were arrested and four manipulated passports, two cell phones and Rs. 29,000 cash was seized from their possession by a Central Zone team of the Police Commissioner's Task Force on Tuesday.

According to a press release, the modus operandi of Ramzan Badruddin Jiwani (24), a passport agent and Aziz Ali Ahmed (45), a small businessman consisted of purchasing original passports with visa stampings of USA and Canada and re-selling them after manipulating the photographs to potential Gujaratis who wanted to go abroad for employment. Police said the manipulated passports would be sold for Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs each after buying them for as little Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 90,000.

Two arrested

Two persons -- B. Ravinder of Sultan Shahi and Sharif Khan of Talabkatta -- were arrested on Tuesday by the Central Crime Station police and 15 cell phones worth Rs. 80,000 were seized from them. The case was investigated by the Inspector, Syed Moinuddin, and his team. The duo has been remanded to judicial custody.

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