Experts want research benefits to reach patients fast

HYDERABAD, MARCH 17. Medical experts and molecular scientists from India and abroad will discuss ways to quicken the pace of translating pre-clinical promise into clinical reality at the first annual international conference on "Translational research for cancer and other diseases" to be held at the CCMB here on March 19 and 20.

"Translational Research" or "bench to bedside" (B2B) is the translation of advances in molecular and cellular pathology from the laboratory (bench) to patient benefit through clinical application (the bedside), said Chitti R. Moorthy, director, departments of radiation medicine and radiology, New York Medical College. He said CURE Foundation, Apollo Hospitals, CCMB and two other medical institutions were sponsoring the conference.

Building a bridge

Expressing concern at the delays in translating pre-clinical results into clinical practice, he said that it was often caused due to the wide gap in communication between basic and clinical researchers. The B2B-2K5 Translational Research Conference was an attempt to build a bridge between the investigators in the lab and practitioners in the clinic through common platform.

Dr. Moorthy and Usha K. Srinivas (deputy director, CCMB) told reporters on Thursday that experts would share their experiences and discuss cutting edge research in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers and benign diseases (diabetes, pancreas, brain, spine and eye). The ICMR director-general, N. K. Ganguly, will inaugurate the conference.

Stressing the need for early detection of cancer, he said that a study carried out some years ago in the US had found that cancer cure when detected early would cost $15,000 while the treatment for the progressive disease would be around $1,50,000.

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