`Excavation at Ayodhya will yield Buddhist relics'

BELGAUM MARCH 30. The Archaeological Survey of India would find nothing but evidences of Buddhism at Ayodhya, the President of the People's Republican Party (PRP), Jogendra Kavade, has said.

He was speaking at a conference organised by the Karnataka Dalit Sangharsh Samithi (DSS) here on Sunday. The conference was organised to commemorate the uprising against untouchability and social injustice by B.R. Ambedkar in 1927 at Mahad in Maharashtra.

Prof. Kavade said the Uttar Pradesh High Court's orders for excavation at the disputed site in Ayodhya had vindicated the PRP's stand. Soon, archaeologists would find remains of Buddhism, as Ayodhya was the erstwhile "Saketnagri" of Buddha, he said. However, he warned against any mischief and unfair recording of evidences.

He alleged that the RSS and its "offsprings," the BJP, the Vishwa Hindu Parishat, and the Bajrang Dal, were strengthening the exploitative "varna" system. Dalits were subjected to brutalities in the name of caste. He warned that the Government would face a nationwide agitation if the Prime Minister did not remove the Union Minister for Disinvestment, Arun Shourie, immediately. He said the berth to Mr. Shourie was given by the BJP-led NDA Government for his book "Worshiping False Gods," which condemned Dr. Ambedkar.

Earlier, Manohar Ankita Bhanteji of Kollegal, who inaugurated the conference, said Dr. Ambedkar had emerged as a true leader after embracing Buddhism. Through Buddhism, Dr. Ambedkar liberated the dalits and the oppressed from the exploitative clutches of the ruling elite, he said. S.R. Kakote stressed the need to strengthen the struggle against poverty and to capture power for which both the SCs and the STs had to be united under one political banner. He said that he believed in four castes - rich, poor, knowledgeable, and ignorant. The State Convener of the DSS, Mavalli Shankar, called for a united struggle against exploitation and discrimination in society. Earlier, a procession was taken out in the city.

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