Engineering students boycott exam

NIZAMABAD NOV. 9. The fourth year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering stream students of Vijay Rural Engineering College on the outskirts of the town boycott their first semester examination scheduled for today after they were supplied with the question paper pertaining to `Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)' instead of `CAD/CAM' paper.

About 60 students of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering stream who came to the college to take the examination were in for surprise when they were given the RAC question paper. The students were supposed to take the RAC examination on November 16. The students, who were not prepared to take the RAC examination instead of CAD/CAM examination trooped out of the examination hall protesting against the attitude of the university in not informing the colleges in advance.

The students dashed off letters to the university authorities demanding the special conduct of the said examination for the students to save their academic year. The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University is practicing a new system for conducting examinations to avoid any leakages of question paper. Instead, it is adopting latest technology which could sometimes lead to confusion as it happened today, they said.

The JNTU has adopted the Electronic Distribution of Examination Question Paper (EDEQ) system where in the examination observers are given the CDs and asked to open it on the scheduled day of the examination. The CDs are in encrypted form and are to be decrypted to get the question paper. Today also the college authorities followed the same procedure but were shocked to find the RAC question paper instead of the CAD/CAM paper.

The authorities immediately brought the issue to the notice of the observer, Devaiah of R.K. Engineering College, Bodhan, who in turn passed on the message to the university authorities. The college authorities spoke to the Vice Chancellor, Y. Venkatram Reddy, the Controller of Examinations, Govind Rajulu, and the Director of Evaluation, R. Srinivasulu, and apprised them the of the situation. The university authorities reportedly asked the college as to how they could miss out the changed time-table and wanted the students to take the revised examination. A detailed report was also sought from the college for the alleged lapse.

The confusion reportedly occurred after the university is said to have issued the time-table for the conduct of the examination last month. The same time-table was displayed on Internet in all the colleges. However, the university revised the examination schedule by changing the dates of certain examination which incidentally was not informed to the respective colleges through post. The revised time-table was put on the Internet again without any special instructions or bold display. Most of the colleges downloaded the original time-table and displayed on the notice board.

The students, who boycott the examinations found fault with the university. The students said that the university should convey any slightest change regarding the examination of any semester through a telegram or fax message. They pointed out that the university usually issued press statements about the change of schedule. Interestingly enough, this was not done this time, they alleged adding that the university had done the same for the Second year B.Tech first semester examination. The said examination was postponed from November 24 to 25. The change was put on Internet and published in newspapers. The students appealed to university to conduct special examination for them RAC and protect the interest of the student community.

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