EMRI launches its services in Nellore

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Will attend to various medical emergencies: CEO

EMRI does not charge anything for its servicesIts responsibility ends with shifting the patients to the nearest hospital Its services will be a boon to residents of Nellore

NELLORE: The next time you come across an accident victim needing immediate medical attention or any body who needs emergency help, dial 108 .

Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) launched its emergency response service here on Wednesday.

"When a person calls 108, an Advanced Life Saving (ALS) ambulance, equipped with state-of-the-art medical, communication and extrication equipment, will immediately be rushed to the spot with paramedics," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMRI Venkat Changavalli.

`Golden hour'

The golden hour, the first sixty minutes that stand between life and death or permanent disability, soon after an accident, is a key factor in saving a life .

Hence, the108 emergency service will be a boon to residents of Nellore as two ambulances would be stationed at the Collectorate to reach any given point within 15 to 20 minutes, he said.

Toll free number

When a caller dials toll free `108', EMRI call centre in Hyderabad receives the call.

Information pertaining to the place of the accident or any other emergency, the nature of incident and other vital information is noted down and passed on to the ambulance located closest to accident spot.

"We operate in coordination with the police, fire and medical departments - in a radius of 20 kilometres in Nellore," the CEO said.

"We want people to call us the moment they encounter a case. It need not necessarily be a road accident. It could be injuries due to burns, electrocution, drowning, industrial accidents, animal bites, food poisoning, water contamination, requiring hospitalisation and other cases. It could even be a woman suffering labour pains or a person who suffered a stroke. In short, we attend to all kinds of emergencies," Mr. Venkat Changavalli said.

EMRI does not charge anything for its services.

The responsibility of EMRI, however, ends with shifting the patient to the nearest hospital.

District Collector M. Ravi Chandra inaugurated ambulances while Additional Superintendent of Police D.V.S.S. Murthy inaugurated the dial 108 service.