Eight new bridges on Musi proposed

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority has suggested eight new bridges on the Musi river, about 20 future flyovers, road overbridges and road underbridges, six new sewage treatment plants and four garbage disposal sites as per the draft master plan of Hyderabad.

The plan, which is to be submitted to the Government soon after two years of public debate, also calls for an increase in the residential area from 13 per cent to 30 per cent (49 per cent developable area) and the parks-open spaces to 6 per cent from 1 per cent.

Other critical land use reservations, which are to be submitted to the Government soon, were increase of road length from 1,100 km to 2,400 km (in non-MCH area), 150 meter outer ring road, alternative stretches of 90 mts wide outer road, intermediate ring roads and 29 radial roads up to 60 mts wide.

At a press conference here on Saturday, the HUDA Vice-Chairman, G. Asok Kumar, said that the first task after the approval of the master plan was for municipalities and panchayats to mark roads on ground with stones. Truck terminals are to be built at 10 spots on the major roads, wholesale grain markets at five places -- Doolapally, Kardanoor, Gandhamguda, Hasmathpet and Dharmaram. Major commercial centres are to be built at Ameenpur, Somaram, Vattilingulapally and Madharam.

Mr. Kumar said the new plan revised for a projected population of 136 lakhs by 2021 (2001- 63 lakhs) would supersede the HUDA area master plan, 18 zonal development plans and the MCH area master plan. There would be a 75,000-acre increase in future residential and development zones with an additional 30,000 acres for the Knowledge City Zone and townships alongside the proposed outer ring road.

De-reserving hazardous industries from congested areas, decentralisation of commercial activities, transfer of developmental rights to compensate land owners affected by public reservations, incentive for large layouts, increasing supply of small plots by reservation in private layous, etc., are he other features.

Ring road

The HUDA Vice-Chairman said alignment of the outer ring road (total 159 km) was finalised in consultation with other departments and the first phase stretching up to 22 km from Gachibowli junction to Shamshabad was sent for environmental clearance from the State and Central Governments.

Land acquisition was under progress for a right of way of 75 meters which included eight lanes, four lane service roads, medians, footpaths and 16 meters width provision for metro rail. Detailed drawings and estimates would be ready in two months and tenders would be called by July this year, Mr. Asok Kumar added.

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