Drenched in mediocrity

NO SHOWER THIS: Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra in `Barsaat.'

NO SHOWER THIS: Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra in `Barsaat.'  

Barsaat (Hindi)

Cast: Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra

Director: Suneel Darshan

Ah! These deceitful purveyors of feminine charm! They beckon, we respond, they simmer and we are reduced to ash! There is a girl here - Bipasha Basu - for whom no poet would ever pen `Baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai'. And why should one? She is not a dew fresh beauty. She does not need to be - her charms are for the wee hours, when the sun is asleep, when the moon hides behind floating clouds. It is then she glows.

There is another girl - Priyanka Chopra - a girl with a waist so slender that if breeze were accompanied by anything like a gust, she would be toppled. She too gets drenched under the rainfall. She too beckons, the most chivalrous, and the most adulterous of men! Oh! Why should, we helpless men, be attracted to them like a moth to a flame! Why should we court death when all that lies in store is a fleeting delight. Nothing more. And pray why should they lead you on? All for a mediocre love triangle by Suneel Darshan?

All for a film where the director promised a peep into the real life of girls in Punjab, girls who are brides for a fortnight, then forgotten by husbands enamoured of green bucks in the wild west.

And all that Darshan manages to deliver is a film that is a routine mushy story with ordinary music, and an obsolete storyline!

Want to watch this one? Sand paper away the claims and ignore the brazen temptation. This film is nothing but a moth-eaten love triangle with all the stereotypes Bollywood survives on. Watch it if you relish the idea of taking a trip down familiar, if tiresome, lane.

No shower of rejuvenation, this `Barsaat' is just drenched in mediocrity.


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