Domestic filters to combat fluorosis problem in Kurnool

Staff Reporter

KURNOOL: The Rural Water Supply (RWS) Department proposes to distribute 80,000 domestic defluoridation filters to families at 90 per cent subsidy. The Superintending Engineer, RWS, M. Rammohan, said use of domestic filter was an effective method of fighting fluorosis problem in the district.

He said the problem existed in 188 villages of Kurnool district, which was one of the five districts -- Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar and Anantapur -- where the project was being implemented.

Filter technology

The filter is developed using the technology of activated alumina medium for filtration. A candle filled with three kilos of activated alumina was used to filter water from the top chamber to bottom chamber with a capacity of 12 litres.

The filter brought down the fluoride to a permissible level of one particle per million (PPM).

Mr. Rammohan said the filter costing Rs. 1,125 was sold at Rs. 112 for SC families, Rs. 225 for below poverty families and Rs. 562 for others. Kurnool district was allotted 80,000 filters and 5,000 were supplied so far.

He said after chemical treatment once in three months, the same medium could be used.

The SE said the fluoride level crossed 6 ppm at certain places in the district. Dental fluorosis and skeletal flurosis were noticed in many villages of the district.

Mr. Rammohan said that out of 1,533 habitations in the district, 1,293 villages had protected water supply systems. However, 500 villages had supply as per the norms while other villages had problems on distribution front.

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