Dog plays mother to Jaguar cub

HYDERABAD, AUG. 21. A jaguar cub, which had escaped the wrath of a "disturbed mother," found a surrogate in a street dog at the Nehru Zoological Park.

Juhi, a jaguar at the zoo, gave birth to two cubs. Days later, she killed and ate away one of them. Zoo authorities claimed to have taken adequate measures to avoid any disturbance to Juhi, which had killed its cubs earlier, but could not prevent a recurrence of the same.

The zoo staff separated the remaining cub from the mother and took it for hand rearing by bottle feeding cow and goat milk. To ensure the survival of the cub, the staff then decided to provide a female dog with pups as a surrogate mother.

"We approached the Blue Cross Society and Amala Akkineni provided us with a street dog, which was rescued and sheltered there," said the zoo curator, B. Srinivas.

The street dog was brought to the zoo park and slowly the cub was introduced to her. "Now, the dog is feeding the jaguar cub along with her own pup and has proved to be a good mother," Mr. Srinivas said.