Diversion channel mooted to check pollution of Penna

Officials propose special diversion channel to prevent big drain from flowing into river

With temperatures soaring, the Nellore Municipal Corporation has initiated efforts to ensure supply of drinking water to all residents.

The drinking water needs of the city are met by drawing water from the Penna riverbed and the infiltration sources that have been created there. There has been a long-pending demand for removing the scope for pollution of the drinking water sources due to the dumping of garbage and wastes from the city dwellings. Several drains, both small and big, carry these wastes and domestic refuse into the riverbed. This has become a matter of high concern for the people and also the municipal authorities.

Seeing the emerging need, Mayor Sk. Abdul Aziz accompanied by several corporators visited the drinking water sources in the riverbed and also the drains that were significantly polluting the river waters. A decision has been made to divert such drains so as to avoid any wastes going into the river water sources.

The big drain that passes through the Nagulamitta area near Old Municipal Office has been identified for immediate cleaning and diversion from the river.

The municipal officials have proposed a special diversion channel for preventing this drain from flowing into the Penna. The officials are asked to draw plans to clean up and divert both small and big drains away from the river in the near future.

The people’s representatives and the officials have set out on this task following several representations from the public for steps to ensure cleanliness in the river water sources that feed the city’s drinking water supply.

The efforts have also been taken up to make the summer storage tank useful as it will help in preventing any drinking water crisis in the city once it is fully brought into use.

Several drains, both small and big, carry wastes and domestic refuse into the Penna riverbed

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